At Cunningham Lopez, our attorneys work to serve their business clients by taking a holistic approach in order to identify each client's priorities based on specific business needs.  Our attorneys work with clients at any step of the road, whether they're just starting a business or they've developed successful companies and need assistance in growth management.  Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Business Formation: Cunningham Lopez provides professional assistance to create or establish a new company.  LLC, LLP, Inc., S-Corp., C-Corp: Our lawyers specialize in helping you with the procedures that you need to carry out for the constitution, registration and start-up of your company.
  • Company ManagementOur lawyers can assist you in the management of your company, including the management of corporations, branches of foreign companies, drafting of minutes, changes of company name, changes of shareholders, special powers, very general powers of attorney, changes of domicile and bylaws, and resident agent services, among others. 
  • Commercial Litigation: If a contentious dispute, accusation, or liability issue is threatening your business, as commercial litigation attorneys, Cunningham Lopez LLP will draw upon years of litigation experience and work tirelessly for the best possible results.
  • Contract Negotiation and Litigation: Our lawyers can assist you with all types of contract disputes, including those involving commercial leases, services, real estate and buy/sell agreements. Fortunately, we can often resolve these disputes through skilled negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, which can include the handling of emergency court injunctions.
  • Employee & Labor Law: We handle a wide range of employment law matters on behalf of employers, including discrimination, harassment and wrongful discharge claims. 
  • Employer Handbooks and Policy Manual Development: Employers of all sizes, and in every type of business, have personnel policy handbooks that state and outline their formal policies and procedures. Some companies have employee handbooks that are very elaborate and detailed, posted on the company intranet or contained in three-ring binders, number and section coded, and routinely updated by a human resources department. Other employers pay less attention to their employee handbook, treating it more as a guide for the company's working hours, attendance and vacation policies, and a description of the medical and dental insurance plans. In either case, the employee handbook and/or policy manual can be a valuable resource when defending either an employer in a case.
  • Licensing: Cunningham Lopez LLP can create the legal framework to protect ownership of your patent, trademark or copyright. Intellectual property licensing lawyers create licensing contracts for individuals or businesses that have created original works, and they will help maximize the revenue gained from licensing these products. Our attorneys can also help you to defend allegations of copyright infringement and the subsequent litigation.
  • Partnership Disputes: Our business attorneys are highly skilled litigators who understand the need to contain costs during business disputes. While representing you, we will strive to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. However, if necessary, we can also aggressively defend your interests in court.
  • Trademark & Copyright Infringement: Trademark law is critical to protecting a company’s brand and goodwill. A trademark could be a logo, a name, a slogan, or a sound used to identify a product or company.  Our attorneys are skilled in strategizing the most cost-efficient and successful way of procuring a client’s trademark and in protecting its trademark, whether that is in court, our attorneys are true advocates who understand the economic realities of infringement and licensing disputes relating to different types of works. Our firm has successfully litigated on behalf of clients who are the creators of logos, motion pictures, television shows, websites, visual art, music, and fashion design. Our attorneys will take a copyright dispute from the cease-and-desist letter to summary judgment, settlement, or trial, efficiently and effectively.