Cunningham Lopez LLP provides advice and representation to parties in all family law matters, including:

  • Adoption: Adoption is the process when one or two people (a couple) take another person (usually a child) to be their own son or daughter. The correct way to do it is through the court. By legally adopting a child, you have all the rights and responsibilities of biological parents.  Cunningham Lopez LLP is proud to have assisted in the happing ending of many adoptions!
  • Alimony / Maintenance: We know that any marital breakdown can generate an economic imbalance for any of the spouses; therefore, one can be compensated by means of maintenance, taking into account all relevant factors under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
  • Custody: We offer the tools so that a minor is under his care and protection. Taking determinations about their welfare, upbringing, administration of their goods and education.
  • Child Support: At Cunningham Lopez, we know that one of the biggest concerns of any parent who is no longer in a relationship is the child support, each parent has the moral and, in addition, the legal responsibility to financially support their children, we guide our customers to get the best interest for their children.
  • Divorce: In the case of marital breakdown it is essential to find to the advice of a lawyer to make the process more bearable. it is important to go to family lawyers specialized in this area, it is enough for one of the spouses to want to divorce or to separate and request it so that the divorce or separation has to be granted by the competent judge (although, in the absence of agreement, the dispute it is limited to the determination of the regulatory measures established in the law).
  • Enforcement: Many people hope that they will never have to go to court again after a divorce proceeding is completed.  After all, not everyone always abides by the terms of the Court’s order. Cunningham Lopez, has a team of legal professionals who are skilled and experienced in assisting their clients when an unruly former spouse refuses to follow the Court’s order. 
  • Guardianship: Not only can custody of a minor be obtained (many times of children) but also by court custody of a person can be obtained by an order of a Judge in the court, when a person is incapacitated to govern their assets and person, who is not in the capacity to make decisions that are not clear to that person.
  • Orders of Protection: An order of removal or protection is established as the penalty of "prohibition of approach or communication with the victim or those of their family members determined by the judge." This deprivation prevents, to whom it has been imposed, approaching the place where the victim is located at a certain distance that the judge imposes, considering the circumstances of the case.
  • Paternity: Paternity establishes the set of rights and obligations that fathers have over their children under age.
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: These legally binding contracts are a smart decision for someone who is bringing substantial assets or debt into a marriage, or for someone who owns a business and wants to protect a new spouse from the liabilities that come with entrepreneurship. But prenuptial and postnuptial agreements aren't solely for high net worth individuals. They make sense for any couple that wants to make important decisions ahead of time regarding how assets will be handled in the event of divorce or if one spouse dies. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are also commonly used by individuals who have children from a previous marriage or grandchildren and who wish to ensure that certain assets will be passed to these parties rather than a surviving spouse in the event that they die or divorce.
  • Property Distribution: It is possible to arrange the separation of property at any time during the life of the marriage. It is also possible to arrange it in advance of the marriage celebration. We can help both to plan properly the separation of goods or to be the case of a separation, or help them in the distribution of properties for the best benefits of the parties.
  • Separation: A legal separation is when a married couple separates and seeks a court judgment for spousal support, child custody, visitation and support, but does not file for a divorce. Legal separation is often a prequel to divorce, but it does not automatically lead to that result. If the future of your marriage is uncertain you should discuss the option of legal separation with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Couples are still legally married in a legal separation, but are allowed to live apart and have the ability to manage their own property, assets, and debts. If children are involved, the couple must still go through the same legal processes to determine child custody, visitation, child support and alimony.
  • Visitation: We know that for any parent, it is essential to spend time with their children and share with them, visits are usually a priority for people in divorce or separation, we advise our clients to reach an agreement on the visiting schedule that best It suits parents and their own schedules.
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"Cunningham Lopez LLP was great from the start. I found them through the Illinois Bar Association. I highly recommend their legal team. They were empathetic to my situation and were pretty surgical with my case."
-E.B., Family Client

"I am very grateful for the services of Cunningham Lopez LLP,  especially Alexandra Lopez who is very professional. I am really satisfied. I have no words to thank you for everything you've done. God bless you and your team."
-M.J., Family Client